Map of all Orthodox Churches and monasteries in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This interactive map provide an easy way to find every Orthodox Church or monastery in Melbourne, Australia.

There are 80 Orthodox parishes and 5 monasteries in Victoria.

Use buttons to select desired Orthodox jurisdiction: Greek (46 parishes), Antiochian (11 parishes), Serbian (12 parishes), Russian (8 parishes), Romanian (3 parishes), Ukrainian (3 parishes) or Bulgarian (1 parish).

There are 3 cathedrals: Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral (Russian), Saints Cyril & Methody Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral, and Holy Trinity Cathedral (Serbian)

Click on church symbol to view parish details.

You can search map by typing church name or suburb in the search box.

Map legend can be found below the map. There are special symbols for monasteries and parishes with services in English.


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Map legend:

Churches and monasteries are marked and colour coded according to jurisdiction: RUS – Russian, GRK- Greek, SER – Serbian, BUL – Bulgarian, ANT – Antioch, ROM – Romanian, UKR – Ukrainian

If parish has some services in English, it is marked with 2 colours like this:

All english
If parish has all services in English, it is marked in red colour like this: All english
Monastery/Convent/Skete has round shape Monastery
Monastery with some services in English All english


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