The Episcopal Conference of Germany acquired its statute


The newly-established Orthodox Episcopal Conference of Germany acquired on 13 November 2010 its official statute. The text of the charter was approved at a meeting held that day in Essen. The following day, the feast of the Holy Healers, the Orthodox Bishops of Germany served the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in the Serbian Orthodox Church in Essen. On this occasion, the Serbian Orthodox Church brought out of their Diocesan Museum the relics of Saints Cosmas and Damian, which the believers venerated.



The Orthodox Episcopal Conference of Germany, established in February of this year, includes 10 diocesan bishops and 7 vicar bishops. It covers about 1.5 million Orthodox Christians living in the Federal Republic of Germany. The President of the Conference, in accordance with the order of the Diptychs, the representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, is the Metropolitan of Germany His Eminence Augustinos (Labardakis).


Source: Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Central European